Wounded Warriors
Annual Presentation to Walter Reed Society


L&A Scholarship Recipients at WM 2016

Longenecker & Associates awarded scholarships to Rachel Pope, Jamie Weaver, Stephanie Thornber, Luke Boast, and Timothy Ault at the Waste Management 2016 Symposium in Phoenix, AZ.

   We offer innovative and cost-effective solutions to problems in the environmental and energy industries.    

An international consulting company specializing in management, engineering, energy, environmental, business and regulatory issues.  Longenecker & Associates is adept at helping clients identify and resolve problems before they become significant and costly.


2514 Red Arrow Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135
fax: 702-505-9271

With offices in Richland, WA, Oak Ridge, TN, New Mexico, and Vienna, Austria.


Contribution to New Exhibit at Atomic Testing Museum



Longenecker & Associates Qualifications

Longenecker & Associates is a consulting firm that provides highly specialized, fast-response technical and management support to the nuclear and environmental industries.  Longenecker & Associates, a small, woman owned and managed business, employs senior management and technical specialists offering our clients a broad base of highly specialized support.  Our team is results oriented and we have a proven track record of significant accomplishments and client satisfaction. We are well versed in both the private and public sectors.

Longenecker & Associates Vision Statement

The L&A team objective is to excel at solving regulatory compliance, project management, QA and other technical and management problems for government and commercial clients.  To meet our clients’ needs, we will maintain our outstanding cadre of talent and will hire and retain other professionals with the requisite skills, values and work ethic. 
The L&A team vision is one of working on projects that are significant to our country and our industry.
L&A is committed to making a positive difference for our clients and the nation.
We have the commitment and discipline to deliver on our promises to our clients.
We have an outstanding management team to meet our clients’ needs and enable long term sustainable growth.
As a team, we can grow consistently and reliably while maintaining our core values and unique company culture.
Our team has the core strengths needed to win new contracts in both the government and private sector including commercial nuclear.


Longenecker & Associates Core Competencies

A consulting company specializing in licensing, management, engineering, energy, environmental and regulatory issues.  Longenecker & Associates is adept at helping clients find and resolve problems before they become significant and costly.   From our past work, we have a thorough knowledge of government and private sector organizations and cultures, and are fully committed to assuring that clients’ critical program milestones are successfully met.

Longenecker & Associates Corporate Capabilities

Longenecker & Associates provides services in the following areas:
Performance Assurance Programs to find and fix problems before they impact mission.
Support to improve operational efficiency.
Project Management support to assure effective project planning, monitoring, execution and completion.
Strategic Planning - Business Development for large, intermediate and small businesses.
Performance Based Quality Assurance/ Regulatory Compliance program implementation to meet DOE and NRC requirements.
Safety and Authorization Basis Maintenance to assure compliance with DOE and NRC regulations.
Planning and oversight of D&D activities at DOE and commercial nuclear power plant sites.
Human Factors/Ergonomics reviews.
Meeting Facilitation for government and private sector organizations.

Capabilities Statement


2514 Red Arrow Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89135
fax: 702-505-9271